Lub-O-Seal® Nickel Anti-Seize


Lub-O-Seal® Nickel Anti-Seize is a high-temperature lubricant, thread sealant, and protective coating that prevents galling and seizing, prevents rust and corrosion, is heat and water resistant, and will not melt, run, or drip.

Temperature Range

Solids: -297 to +2400 °F
Base Oil: -30 to +500 °F

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Lub-O-Seal® Nickel Anti-Seize provides protection from galling and seizing, protects against rust and corrosion of threaded connections and metal surfaces, aids in the sealing of pipe threads, and is not affected by severe temperatures, vibration, expansion, or contraction. It contains no copper, lead, nickel, or zinc, so it can safely be used on carbon steel, stainless steel, and other sensitive alloys. Designed to meet the performance requirements of U.S. Military Specification MIL-PRF-907 (MIL-A-907).

Use on nuts, bolts, studs, screws, taps, pipe threads, flanges, gaskets, o-rings, pump and valve packings and stems, low speed bearings, bushings, keyways and shafts, chains, gears, exhaust manifolds, wire rope and cable, or as a dry film lubricant. Excellent for use in highly-corrosive environments. Use in automotive, marine, mining, oilfield, and industrial applications.

Warning: Do not use in oxygen service. Keep out of reach of children. For industrial use only. Consult SDS for more information.

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5 oz. tube, 8 oz. brush-top can, 14 oz. cartridge, 16 oz. brush-top can, 32 oz. can

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