Lub-O-Seal® NM-91 Anti-Seize


Lub-O-Seal® NM-91™ is a high-performance thread compound designed for high temperatures, high torque, high pressures, and high environmental awareness.

Temperature Range

Solids: -297 to +2400 °F
Base Oil: -20 to +550 °F


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Lub-O-Seal® NM-91™ Anti-Seize contains no aluminum, copper, lead, zinc, or any other metallic particles. Unlike conventional anti-seizes, it can safely be used on all types of metal including stainless and other sensitive alloys where the presence of copper is prohibited. NM-91 offers protection from galling, seizing, rust, and corrosion of threaded connections and metal surfaces. Designed to meet the requirements of MIL-PRF-907.

Use on nuts, bolts, studs, screws, taps, pipe threads, flanges, gaskets, o-rings, pump and valve packings and stems, bushings, keyways and shafts, chains, gears, exhaust manifolds, furnace bolts, heat exchangers, and more. Excellent for use in highly-corrosive environments. For use in all types of automotive, marine, mining, oilfield, and industrial applications.

Warning: Do not use in oxygen service. Keep out of reach of children. For industrial use only. Consult MSDS for more information.

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5 oz. tube, 8 oz. brush-top can, 14 oz. cartridge, 16 oz. brush-top can, 32 oz. can

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